Ted Alan Stedman

Freelance journalist and photographer

United States

I've worked as an independent writer/reporter/photographer for 25+ years. My work spans B2B covering outdoor recreation and environmental topics to general consumer publications focusing on travel, science, recreation and more. I've worked on-contract as a ski journalist for one of the nation's top 10 daily newspapers, as product and gear reviewer for numerous monthly publications, as well as a writer reporting on various aspects of domestic and international travel. My work also includes regular monthly columns in national print media, features in international news media such as BBC and CNN, plus countless stories and reported pieces filed from dozens of countries on six continents.


Active Pursuits

Toronto Star
Legends and Lore

Taking an eco-safari in the Great Bear Rainforest, BC's wildest archipelago

Sport Diver
Love Triangle

A three-peat journey to the U.S. Virgin Islands confirms that a diver's love is never lost

Time Out Worldwide
The 16 most epic hikes in the world

Koalas resting in eucalyptus treetops, wallabies scampering along the headlands, whales breaching right off shore -- come along.

Luxury Magazine
Adventure Diving

Taking the Plunge Might be the Best Passport to the Greatest Show on Earth

Alaska Airlines Beyond
Denver by Pedal

Bikes are the Perfect Way to Explore the Mile High City

Acura Style Magazine
Peak Season

This winter, plunge into powdery slopes and trek through snowy trails, then pamper yourself in alpine paradise

Optimum Wellness
Hike, Hike, Hut!

Colorado's mountain huts make backcountry adventures accessible -- all surprisingly comfortable -- year-round

Sport Diver

Lose yourself on an island with an overwhelming abundance of waterfalls, jungles and oceanic treasures

Sport Diver
Small Wonders

Wild and wonderful, St. Vincent and the Grenadines isn't dubbed the "Critter Capital of the Caribbean" for nothing. And you'll have it practically to yourself

Sunset Magazine
High and Dry

Go for a ride in the shadow of Pikes Peak, near Colorado Springs

Denver Life
Cast Away

For women, catching trout may not be the biggest lure of flyfishing

Denver Life
Learning the Ropes

Canyoneering takes hiking to another level in Colorado's canyon country

Rocky Mountain News
On the Rebound

Resuming the fitness regime after the flu

Sport Diver
Perfect 10: Martinique

With lush mountain rainforests, fishy reefs and a dollop of French Creole culture, this Caribbean department of France has its own distinctive je ne sais quoi

Alaska Airlines Beyond
Skiing the West

Letting it fly in Crested Butte, Colorado

Rocky Mountain News
Nouveau Nomads

Yurts give backcontry wanderers shelter, solitude

Sunset Magazine
It's Ski Town, USA

Colorado's Steamboat Springs is the ultimate snowy getaway

Acura Style Magazine
Adrenaline Rush

These sporty sojourns offer all the creature comforts you need to reward your efforts

Soar with the Eagles

Gain a raptor's-eye view of the world in Colorado's Eagle Nest Wilderness

Sunset Magazine
Peak Encounters

Colorado's second-highest mountain is a first-rate summer hike

Scuba Diving
The Anatomy of a Liveaboard

Form actually does follow function in this liveaboard lineup catering to divers of any persuasion

Denver Life
Golden Rules

Golden is prime territory for fall escapades close to home

Denver Life
Cool Cats

Colorado snowcats are a passport to powder and more

Scuba Diving
Southwest Sizzle

Arizona's Lake Havasu offers 60 miles of shoreline to explore

Denver Life
Highest Ground

Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks offer goal-oriented exhilaration

Denver Life
Classic State

Traditional cross-country skiing is comfortable with its progress

Scuba Diving
Daredevil Dives

Creatures that will give you wicked thrills, and operators who will get you back in one piece

AAA Western Journey
Sweet Desert Treats

Natural Attractions Lend to the Grown-Up Appeal of Lake Havasu

Rocky Mountain News
Outfitting the Kids

Good ski and boarding gear can be had for reasonable prices

Sport Diver
Zoo Land

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Scuba Diving
Keepin' it Easy

Sixty years on, Grand Cayman dives are as spectacular as ever

Denver Life
Gimme Shelter

Add igloos to the list of winter options to get you outdoors

Sunset Magazine
Go Climb a Tree

A forest-friendly sport takes root in the Front Range

Denver Life
Easy Riders

Snow bikes offer a fun alternative when it comes to shredding the slopes

Sport Diver
Scratching the Surface

A month-long diving expedition in the Philippines yields mating mandarin fish, a subterranean river black-out, sharks that decapitate -- and that's only the beginning

Rocky Mountain News
High on the Hinsdale

Backcountry ski tours on West Slope offer hut-to-hut shelter and adventure

Denver Life
Standing Tall

Add stand-up paddleboarding to Colorado's line-up of aquatic adventures

Denver Life
Pack Mentality

Human's "second-best friend" an ideal trail companion

Denver Life
Perpetual Motion

Estes Park's "off-season" can be the best way to enjoy the Rocky Mountain winter

Sunset Magazine
Jurassic Footprints

Hike, bike or four-wheel to longest dinosaur trackway in North America

Sport Diver
A Guide to Scuba Diving in Palm Beach County, Florida

If you have the chance to venture down Florida's A1A and visit Palm Beach County, get ready for good food and fun diving. Here's our guide to three days in the Palm Beaches: Blue Heron Bridge This easy-access 12- to 20-foot dive is a renowned macro site with seahorses, pipefish, frogfish, batfish, stargazers and upwards of 100 species of nudibranchs.

Sport Diver
Slim-Jim Dandy

When you dive in Panama, there's an inescapable sense of adventure

Denver Life
Fall Finish

With a little planning, October can be the perfect time to set up camp


AAA World
Best of the West

Discovering the beauty of badlands, black hills and buffalo in South Dakota

AAA World
A Jurassic Journey

The Dinosaur Diamond National Scenic Byway is a road trip for the ages

AAA Via (94203)
Road Trip to the Arctic | Via

Above the Arctic Circle, roads are ephemeral and few, buried beneath drifting winter snows and emerging in summer like a sliver penetrating an endless wilderness of taiga, tundra, and isolated mountain ranges. In 2017, Canada's Dempster Highway slightly tipped the scales in favor of Arctic road travel as the newest of the world's three maintained roads landing at the Arctic Ocean.

Alaska Airlines Beyond
Sophisticated Seoul

South Korea's Capital Harmonizes Past and Present

Lifestyle + Travel
Wild on Africa

A journey in southern Africa yields a montage of encounters with majestic wildlife and resolute villages where daily life continues as it has for century

Islands Magazine
Walking England

Crossing England one step at a time

Travel photo of the day: African elephants crossing a river

Ted Alan Stedman of Denver, Colo., shot this photo of two elephants in October 2010 at the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa."The reserve borders the world-renowned Kruger National Park, considered one of the best 'Big Five' parks in Africa," Stedman tells TODAY Travel.

Aaa Via
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Once home to Wyatt Earp and Calamity Jane, this town still exudes an Old West feel. This year, Magic City of the Plains celebrates its 150th anniversary

AAA Travweler
Small Wonders

Five small towns right here in the US that you'll be glad are now on your radar.

Endless Vacation
A Natural Finnish

A summer jaunt in Finland exploring the country's dense forests, lakes and islands

Where to Safari in the USA | AAA

5 PLACES TO SEE SPECTACULAR ANIMAL MIGRATIONS WITHOUT LEAVING THE US May 10, 2022 | 8 min read For many people (us included!), seeing the epic migration in Tanzania's Serengeti is a life goal. In the meantime, there are amazing migrations to see right here in the US, and they span the animal kingdom, including insects, birds, sea life and land mammals.

Outside Online
Magnetic South

What sold me forever on Mexico was a 7,500-mile road trip from Minnesota to GuatemalaI took a few years ago. I drove from the Sierra Madre Oriental to the seafood capital of Veracruz. Near Mérida, I biked through Maya ruins. In Tulum I slept exclusively in hammocks.

Acura Style Magazine
Gourmet Getaways

Whoever said it's the journey and not the destination probably wasn't greeted on arrival with great food and company. Discover a magical gourmet getaway.

Denver Life
Some Like it Hot

Colorado's thermal springs are a can't-miss Rocky Mountain experience

Endless Vacation
Uniquely Canadian

There's nothing like the Great White North for winter thrills and chills - pick any one of these six adventures and you'll understand why

In the Lizard's Lair

Besides being home to a mythical reptile, Lizard Head Wilderness has some great hiking

Dominican Republic: a big, beautiful Caribbean jewel | Orbitz

Ahh, the swaying palms, the tourmaline colored water, gentle tropical breezes and misty mountains piercing the clouds. Could be Hawaii, but I'm talking about Dominican Republic. Here are just a few travel tips for a Dominican Republic vacation.

AAA Traveler
The Broadmoor

The historic "Grand Dame of the Rockies" is a renowned destination unto itself.

Acura Style Magazine
A South African Odyssey

From wine tasting to spotting wild game, the "Rainbow Nation" offers diversity of many kinds

Acura Style Magazine
Wildlife Getaways

Getting up close and personal with some of America's most capricious creatures

Endless Vacation
Limin' on Nevis

On St. Kitts' languid little sister, the clocks are set to island time

Rocky Mountain News
Wild West Show

Colorado's wildflowers inspire oohs and awe

Endless Vacation
Winter Wranglers

Ranchers and skiers take to the slopes for a celebration of winter in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Global Traveler
Caribbean Calm

Escape to the quiet corner of the West indies

Outside Magazine
Nomads Have More Fun

The coolest trips, trends, expert advice and best new places to get lost

Global Traveler
Tropical Breeze

Set an easy pace and explore the natural beauty of Belize

Global Traveler
Fire and Ice

From volcanoes to glaciers, nature has the upper hand in Iceland

Global Traveler
State of Serenity

Bordered by mountains and sea,India's southwest state possesses a tranquility all its own

Islands Magazine
Into the Light

On the darkest night in October, Ted Alan Stedman experiences India's favorite festival while on a Caribbean island much closer to home

Alaska Airlines Beyond
Breathtaking Belize

This eco-diverse Central American nation offers sea and land adventures

Islands Magazine
Vikings in Vogue

Course traditions mean Iceland's fiercest fighters are alive and well

Sunset Magazine
Summer on the Slopes

Soak in some sun -- and work up a sweat -- in Red River, New Mexico

AAA Traveler
Desert Wonder

White Sands National Monument is an otherworldly oasis in the New Mexico wilderness

Islands Magazine
Alone in the Wild

A serene Alaskan kayak trip can lead to a heart-stopping encounter with "The Bear Horrible"

Sunset Magazine
Name that Dune

It's a great Colorado autumn escape, and our newest National Park -- and you've probably never heard of it

Acura Style Magazine
Mythic Encounters

For a trip beyond compare, explore the many faces of Peru

AAA Traveler
Colorado Wellness

Wellness Comes Naturally for the Colorado Community of Steamboat Springs

Global Traveler
Lofty Pursuit

An ambitious trek hits the peaks and valleys of Peru's diverse geography

AAA World
Quebec, Au Naturel

Communing with nature comes easily in this land of forests, mountains, water and wildlife

Luxury Magazine
Swiss Grand E Tour

The Switch has been Flipped for the New E-Grand Tour in Switzerland

AAA World
Cities on the Side

For many Americans, smaller is better in this new age of travel

AAA Western Journey
Fabulous Fiji

A Journey to the Enchanting Archipelago Showcases the Many Forms of Warmth

AAA World
Maritime Quest

Quebec's Maritime Lighthouse Trail is a beacon for travelers in search of natural history, diverse culture and abundant wildlife

Global Traveler
Primordial Splendor

Cast away to the Palawan Archipelago for a bounty of nature adventures

NBC News
Searching for Elvis in Cozumel

The crashing Caribbean surf is serenading me with its rhythm; the humid ocean air immobilizes like a sodden straightjacket. Frivolous thoughts pour through my mind. Has it been a dozen, or maybe 15 times that I've found myself at this precise latitudinal coordinate, sitting on this exact barstool?

AAA Traveler
A South Pacific Tale

The Cook Islands are plush with Polynesian culture and natural beauty

Denver Life
Colorado's Hidden Escapes

These covert destinations boast thrilling adventure and endless entertainment without the crowds or clout of bigger mountain towns

Outdoors Magazine
Wild at Heart

Let these outdoor locales help set the mood

Global Traveler
Good Vibrations

There's a lively and optimistic mood in Cape Town

Wild Blue Yonder (Frontier Airlines' in-flight magazine)
True Alaska

The biggest state in the Union is also the wildest with rugged peaks and raw wilderness hard up against the cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks

Nature and Science

Luxury Magazine
Nature: Disappearing Lakes, Rising Seas

Climate change and human activity are destroying some of the world's most iconic lakes, while rising temperatures are causing coastal flooding worldwide

Luxury Magazine06/2019
Vanishing Act

Scientists have sounded the alarm that may of the world's coral reefs are dead or dying. While some healthy reefs still exist, the future is ominous

The US' surreal alien landscape

Hidden in the remote stretches of north-west New Mexico, the Bisti Badlands are one of the US' most surreal sites.

Summit Magazine
The Physics of Basketball

Everyone agrees that making a basket takes some degree of skill, but understanding the physics of basketball is another matter

Luxury Card | Save the Species, Save the World

In 2019, the Australian Koala Foundation declared koalas functionally extinct. Sad social media memes multiplied. Panic ensued. And then, a most important parsing of words. Not yet gone entirely the way of the dodo or the mammoth, koalas live on.

Undersea Journal
Do the Right Thing

Adopting and enshrining conservation measures is the new normal in the dive industry

Summit Magazine
Fooling Mother Nature

Plant scientists make a world-class investment in CU-Boulder's new greenhouse

Scuba Diving
So ugly they're...

With a face only a mother could love, these little-seen beasties are beautiful to divers

A Tale of Two Islands

Frigid Iceland and tropical Hawaii couldn't be more different. Or could they?

Culture, Business, Profiles

Denver Life
Taking it Outside

Colorado non-profits help soothe injuries with invigorating outdoor sports for the disabled

A moment of 'incomplete isolation'

Otherworldly. Dramatic. Stark. Surreal. Just so weird! Between gasps and quizzical stares, these are common refrains from first-time visitors at Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. Truth is, these reactions carry a lot of cachet here.

Outdoors Magazine
A Life Worth Living

With the untimely death of Galen Rowell, mountaineering and photography lose their preeminent practitioner

Outdoors Magazine
The Mountain Biking Quandary

As Congress makes decisions on Roadless Areas, Mountain Bikers are going to be forced to choose between two evils: Lose Singletrack to Wilderness, or Lose Singletrack to Roads. Is there another way?

Summit Magazine
The View from Here

NASA executive launches leadership class in CU-Boulder business college

Vail-Beaver Creek Magazine
A Wolcott Winery Offers Wine Enthusiasts a Stomping Good Time

Want to be invited to the most exclusive wine event of the year? You'll have to join the club. Not a members-only golf club (we have plenty of those), but the winemaking club Vines at Vail at 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott, the valley's sole commercial winery.

Outdoor Retailer Magazine
After the Fall

Postmortems of a failed business are rarely pleasant: How things at Sorel went so terribly wrong.

Denver Life
Ninja Climber

Boulder sport climber aims high while teaching kids upward mobility

Undersea Journal
Travel Reboot

As the pandemic subsides, the dive industry is making adjustments to accommodate reinvigorated dive travelers in this new era of global travel.

Denver Life
The XX Factor

Introduction of elite Woman's USA Pro Challenge division has female racers on a roll

Undersea Journal
New Angles on Eco Tourism

Trends in environmental awareness factor into diving as tools for positive change

American Profile
Watching for Wildfires

Odd Jobs, On the Road, People, Travel Destinations By Ted Alan Stedman https://americanprofile.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/billy-ellis-150x150.jpg Billy Ellis trains his binoculars on the rugged, forested terrain surrounding his 9,748-foot mountain-top lookout in Colorado's Pike National Forest, scanning the horizon in every direction for distant puffs of smoke. "Hello, this is Devil's Head Fire Lookout calling.

Outdoor Retailer Magazine
Play Favorites

Outdoor sports gain participants -- especially among the hard-core

Wild Blue Yonder (Frontier Airlines' in-flight magazine)
Executive Class

Adult education could mean the difference between moving up the ladder in your career or losing the job you have.

Outdoors Magazine
The Business of Being Ed

It took mountains of money to be the first American to summit all of the world's 8,000-meter peaks. Here's how Steady Eddy raised the cast to stand on top.

Undersea Journal
Paradise Bound

Working at a dive resort sounds like a dream, but matching skills with expectations is job one.

Outdoor Retailer Magazine
Wilderness 911

Which First-Aid books should be on your shelves?

Global Traveler
The Good Life

Denver is consistently ranked among the country's most livable cities

Colorado Summit Magazine
Creative Classrooms

Like the artists it nurtures, the Breckenridge Arts District continues to blossom. Witness September's public coming-out party that previewed new venues in the town's ever-expanding creative campus, which occupies an entire block just east of the Riverwalk Performing Arts Center.

Gear, Gadgets, Products, Reviews

Outside Magazine
Endless Winter: Frosty Duds

From technical clothes for sport to chic outfits for dinner, here's how to dress like a local

Outside Magazine
Adventure to Go

Like travel itself, the latest gear for the road is full of wild surprises

SKI Magazine
Seeing Clearly

Here are SKI's top 20/20 strategies for seeing well on the slopes

Luxury Magazine
Toys Story

Smart, portable, often wearable finds - some flying above, others rolling by - are the latest and greatest playthings

Outdoors Magazine

Let these 10 hiking boots take you on any trail rain or shine

Outside Magazine
The Essential Trekker

Hut, hut, hike! Hopscotch along in utter comfort - after selecting the best trail-traversing accoutrements

Outdoor Photographer
Light Hikers

Try these lightweight trail shoes and boots for a new level of comfort in the field

Acura Style Magazine

Plugged-in vacationers revive the freedom of their backpacking roots

Outside Magazine
Buyer's Guide: Tents

Since the dawn of fabric fortresses, tent buying has divided folks

Fly Fishing
The Eyes Have It

Remember your first pair of polarized sunglasses and that eye-opening revelation on the water?

Outdoor Retailer Magazine
Can You Take Me Higher?

Hot Stuff: What's in store for new tents, backpacks and sleeping bags

Outdoor Photographer
Gadget Bag: Binoculars

These tools are indispensable for spotting wildlife and other photo opportunities in the field

Men's Journal
Luggage/Travel Tech

Stylish and rugged bags for your next journey/Stay connected and powered up on the road with these useful tools

Luxury Magazine
Outward Bound

'Tis the season for familiar products with high-tech updates

Luxury Magazine
Now Trending

The future has arrived with AI and VR taking work and play to new levels

Outdoor Retailer Magazine
Snow Stompers

Active, stylish winter footwear is attracting even fair-weather consumers

Outdoor Retailer Magazine
Take it Easy

The latest design inspirations for today's backpacks, tents and sleeping bags

Outdoor Retailer Magazine
Testing, Testing

We're still years away for a standard rating scheme for sleeping bag temperature ratings

Outside Magazine
Trip Enhancers

Maximize fun with these hand picked travel tools

Luxury Magazine
Body Reboot

New technology-driven products aim to do you good